Feeling Festive? How to Make your Own Christmas Wreaths?

How to Make your Own Christmas Wreaths!


It’s my favourite time of year! It’s a time of celebration and joy, the perfect time to spoil all your loved ones, spend time with them & decorate your home with bright lights, christmas wreaths and of course, the biggest christmas tree on the market!! So this year, Triangle Nursery ladies have decided to help you out – showing you how to make your own christmas wreath!

So, let’s begin: First, you must buy all the ingredients for create your masterpiece! Take a look at our website to find some of the goodies: http://bit.ly/1QfRGa7

IMG_3765You will need:

1 x A flat wreath frame


1 x Reel of green wire or green twine (string)

1 x Green wire (Mini Pack)

x 1 Floristry Scissors

x 2 Bunches of Blue Spruce

Decorative items such as Ribbon, Cones, Dried Fruit

Step 1:

IMG_3710Start by attaching the green twine to the Frame (size of your choice; 8′ 10′, or 12′) by tying it to the outer wire.

From there, create a zig zag pattern with the green twine to create the base layer for the wreath. See image below:

TOP TIP: You can use either wire or green twine to create the base – however we tend to use twine as it is biodegradable.


Step 2:


Now it’s time to attach the moss to the structure. So, first pull apart the moss, separating it – allowing for easy use.

Take small bunches of moss (little handfuls or sausages..!) & one at a time attach to the structure, tucking each bundle under the wire/twine base and wrap the string over the top.

Slowly you will fill the wire base – and it should start to look like this:

TOP TIP: The more moss, the more moisture, the longer your wreath will last!!

IMG_3719 IMG_3726


Step 3:

Once you have completely filled the wire base, it’s time to go round again with the string to ensure it is securely held on to the wire frame!

Once you have finished – go round the edges with your scissors to neaten up the sides!

IMG_3749Step 4:

Once you have finished Step 1-3, it’s time to dress your wreath with blue spruce and decorative items!

Cut small sprigs of blue spruce, attach and layer the sprigs to the moss structure with string again.

This should take some time –

TOP TIP: Make sure you have enough green twine to secure the moss and blue spruce BUT not too much – you will need space to fit in the decorative items.

Step 5: The fun part…

IMG_3767Now it’s time to add your decorations to the wreath, whether it be cones, dried fruit, a ribbon.. you need to first wire up your items, just like this (photograph to the left) – this is the best way for you to attach them to your wreath!

Once you have attached the wire to the item, make your you put the wires together to ensure you can pierce through the wreath and position them accordingly – one pierced, bend the wire back on itself into the wreath to secure the item – do this for each item.

& hopefully, you will have created your masterpiece Christmas Wreath ready to hang on your door!


To find out how to make a ribbon for your wreath, visit our blogs on WordPress.com

Thank you for reading

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