Top Flower Picks this August

Below Triangle Nursery have put together the Top 5 Flowers this August to help plan for an upcoming event or wedding. (1 ) Sunflower Helianthus, or as we commonly know as the Sunflower. This is because the large yellow flower heads resemble the Sun and the flowers twist to follow the Sun from the East to West during the day time. If you would like … Continue reading Top Flower Picks this August


Tulips  Tulips are one-of-a-kind, their shape and vibrant colours are arguably one of the most-loved spring flowers! The unique bloom makes for a perfect gift this Christmas, and perfect addition to home decor this festive season! The History of Tulips While many believe tulips originated in Holland; they actually began as a wildflower in Turkey as early as 1000 A.D! The word ‘tulip’ is derived from … Continue reading Tulips


Fun fact: 12th December is National Poinsettia Day! It marks the death of Joel Roberts Poinsett in 1851. No other flower says Christmas quite like the Poinsettia! Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are popular, brightly coloured potted plants, particularly during the festive season. They are bound to provide an effective colour in your home decor during and after christmas time. Here are some facts about the beautiful plants we … Continue reading Poinsettia

Air Plants: an urban house plant

Air plants,  more properly known as Tillandsias, are a genus from the bromeliad family, that may finally be making a breakthrough with plant lovers. Due to their versatility when it comes to design and display, these little tilly’s are very popular! They are exotic, colourful, require NO dirt, NO heavy containers OR a large space to develop and grow! What more could you ask in a … Continue reading Air Plants: an urban house plant

Guide to charming chrysanthemums

The perfect ‘golden flower’ for warmth, colour and joy in your home. First introduced in the 15th century in China as a flowering herb and later in Japan, this flower has been favourited for centuries – and rightly so! Chrysanthemums provide warmth and colour to any occasion, available all year round at a cheaper price tag and also have a long vase life. About The … Continue reading Guide to charming chrysanthemums


Have you ever heard of Lisianthus? or Eustoma? No? Well, you, my friend are certainly missing out, with their array of colour and beautiful shape. And when you know the meaning of Eustoma, you will understand why this is an appropriate name for this fabulous flower. Meaning and Symbolism So, Eustoma – what is its true meaning? It takes its name from Ancient Greece where the … Continue reading Lisianthus

Autumnal shades

As summer disappears into the mist, we turn our heads towards a season of a very different colour palette, Autumn. My favourite time of year, which has become increasingly popular with weddings – and rightly so! It is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the rich autumnal colours and textures in our floral designs for weddings and events, as well as wrapping up warm in … Continue reading Autumnal shades

Make a statement with Celosia!

A statement flower that might tickle your fancy is Celosia, (also known as Cockscomb), whether on it’s going solo or in the mix, it certainly creates that WOW factor and captures your eye. The name ‘Celosia’ is derived from the Greek word ‘kelos’, meaning ‘fire’. This is because of the plume shaped flowers that resemble a flame in some varieties. There are two main types of celosia, … Continue reading Make a statement with Celosia!

A plentiful guide to peonies

We love peonies, like really love them, who doesn’t?!!? Big ravishing ruffles, hues that range from the soft, subtle to the vivid, bold and seductive..If you are looking to add that statement piece, and ramp it up to the next level, add a couple of peonies to a bouquet.. Having been in the trade for umpteen years, our florists are experts when it comes to giving advice … Continue reading A plentiful guide to peonies

Luscious Lilies

Lilies (liliums) are large prominent flowers with a scent fragrance and are a traditional Easter treat. They are grown from bulb and are native to the Northern Hemisphere. Fresh cut wholesale lilies are available all year round, but in larger quantities throughout the summer months when the prices are at their cheapest.  Lilies should be purchased in tight green bud and the stems should be rigid & strong. … Continue reading Luscious Lilies